Noorderplantsoen Sessions 2020

I will offer more psycholoyogaclasses in the Noorderplantsoen in Groningen in Spring/Summer. More details will be published here as that time approaches.

Please join the Facebook group PsycholoYoga.Groningen to get last minute updates (particularly concerning the weather). This helps me with the organization.


Suitable weather is the primary precondition. That means that it should be (and stay) dry and not much colder than 20°C. I shall place a message in the Facebook group about an hour before each class if it does not take place. It is better not to eat ca. two hours before the yoga class begins, particularly no heavy food.

Depending on how comfortable you feel on the grass you can bring a yogamat or just a big towel/beach towel. Consider that the class will generally finish with a lying exercise. For this it can be comfortable to cover yourself with a cloth or shawl.

You need not be physically flexible to join the yoga class. Read the sections about non-violence and contentment of the ethics of yoga. The major principle is that you do not hurt yourself when exercising yoga. We will be working together on the mental flexibility.

Meeting Point

We meet close to the playground in the Southern part of the Noorderplantsoen, thus on the photo on the other side of the pond. I probably will be there a bit earlier.

Mind that this is a public place. We thus have no guarantee to have an undisturbed class such as you might be used to at your yoga school. But we shall deal with that which the world will offer us. This already is a yoga exercise in itself.


You cannot pay for psycholoyogaclasses for the time being. These are offered in the spirit of bhaktiyoga (yoga of serving). If you want to return something for the classes, then help a poor person or give her/him a few Euro.