Purpose. Sincerity. Satisfaction.

In almost all cultures people thought about a possible life after death. But how do we actually spend the time before?

While questions about an afterworld quickly lead us to the borders of our knowledge – philosophers call this transcendence: that which goes beyond the borders of our experience and consciousness – we do know that every day brings us another twenty-four hours to spend in one way or another. Am I the director of my own life? Or am I rather like a leaf that the wind carries from one place to another?

Yoga is a means to achieve relaxation and fitness. But it can be a lot more. For me it is a path to self-knowledge. A path encompassing body and mind. A path of experience and studying, guided by tradition and ethics. A path to: Purpose. Sincerity. Satisfaction.

Know thyself! Already the ancient Greeks considered this an important task in life.

On the Path of Yoga
thinking is directed clearly and determined.
Who remains indecisive
is aimless and scattered. (BG 2.41)

Welcome on the Path of Yoga!

On these pages I would like to share ideas from the yogaworld with you. Ideas that inspired me to live more consciously. Your questions and comments are welcome.

Stephan meditating in the Bhootnath Mandir in Rishikesh, North India.

Dr Stephan Schleim, M.A.
Amersfoort, Netherlands
Philosopher, psychologist & certified yoga teacher (Mysuru, IN)
since 2015 yoga teacher i.t. (Saswitha-Institute, Bilthoven, NL)
Contact: stephan at schleim dot email

Yoga teachers who inspired me on my path in a special way: Prof Dr Winand Callewaert (Leuven, BE), Cees Diele (Utrecht, NL), Aleah Gandharvika (Bad Meinberg, DE), Mariëlle Glorie (Texel, NL), Vijay Gopala (Mysuru, IN), Constance Kentgens (Utrecht, NL), Rob Obermeyer (Bilthoven, NL), Noor Palazzi (Doorn, NL), Diana Plenckers (Bilthoven, NL), Prof Dr Paul van der Velde (Nijmegen, NL), Anneke Verweijen (Bilthoven, NL)

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